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There has been a great rise in entrepreneurship over the past several years. Each week, a number of brave souls turn away from their traditional jobs in pursuit of a financial future in which they will be able to call the shots. However, despite their high hopes, most of these eager innovators will fail at their efforts within the very first year. If you are looking to delve into the world of entrepreneurship but aren’t sure if you are ready, here are a few signs that you should pump your breaks for a bit.

Your Business Model is Lacking

Undervaluing the importance of a good business plan is a surefire way to sabotage your journey. A strong business blueprint should include a thorough description of your company, a detailed list of products and services as well as how you will go about providing them, a well-thought-out financial plan, an organizational structure, and anything else that you find to be essential. To ensure that you don’t skip over any key elements when creating your model, consider reaching out to a business consultant for greater direction.

Failure Terrifies You

If you are sensitive to rejection, you have no place in entrepreneurship. Even the most successful business moguls will tell you that their journey was fraught with obstacles and outright opposition, so you can expect to experience more than your fair share of rejections. If this is a weak spot for you, take some time to thicken your skin and build more confidence. To make it in such a tough industry, your ability to be resilient is a must.

You Are Strapped for Cash

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t actually turn a profit until after the first few months. This means that you will need to have saved enough cash to maintain your lifestyle until your company begins to pay for itself. Depending on your personal expenses and the type of business you are starting, try setting yourself up for the next three to six months.

Despite what many of these so-called business gurus preach online, building a successful operation is anything but easy. You will see plenty of long nights and early mornings, and hearing “no” will be as common as passing a grocery store. However, with the perfect blend of dedication and a smart set of business strategies, you can shift the odds in your favor and become one of the many fortunate entrepreneurs to achieve financial glory.