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There is a great deal of debate over whether leadership can be taught or whether it is just something you are born with. In many ways, however, it is something of a moot point. Michael Jordan may have been born with certain skills and abilities that had the potential to turn him into a great basketball player but it was only thousands of hours of practice that turned that raw ability into greatness.

While there may be some people that were never going to be a Michael Jordan no matter how many hours of practice they put in; almost anyone with even the most modest athletic ability could have probably been as great as Jordan if they had just put the time and effort he did into developing that modest ability. The same is most likely true of leadership. While there may be some traits or characteristics that help facilitate leadership, no one is ever going to become a great leader without developing those traits or characteristics. The way you become a great leader is by doing the same things it takes to become great at anything, you practice.

Michael Jordan probably spent hundreds of hours just shooting certain shots over and over. He set up drills and probably ran stairs and laps around numerous tracks and probably even lifted weights. In other words, he did dozens of things that would seem like they have little to do with playing basketball and everything to do with being in the best physical condition possible. He probably ate a healthy diet and experimented with different supplements, anything to help him be a better ball player.

Almost everyone is going to find themselves suddenly thrust into a position of leadership they might not ever have expected. Whether you sink or swim will probably depend largely on how much you practiced in advance. There are hundreds of leadership practice opportunities available if only you look for them. These can include things like coaching a little league team or running a charity event or simply taking a class on leadership. One great way to prepare is to simply make a list of some great leadership skills and then simply find ways of practicing those skills.