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Starting a small business is never easy, but thanks to technology, it certainly is simpler than it ever was before. First came the personal computer, then the internet, and then smartphones with an assortment of apps. But, did you know that there are apps out there that are designed especially for startups that can help streamline your professional life? There are actually several, but today let’s focus on three of the best:


When you are just getting your business off the ground, you may need to harness the skills of a professional that you cannot afford to employ full-time on your team. Many times these workers are needed for one-time projects, or you may want to have someone on hand for jobs that only come up every so often. If you don’t want to keep such personnel on the payroll, and you don’t want to handle all the paperwork involved in hiring temps or contractors, you should look to Upwork for assistance.

Upwork vets contractors easily in a plethora of categories, from writers to web developers to marketers and beyond. You simply put a detailed job description on the site and choose a contractor based on proposals that you will be sent from prospective workers. There is also a review system set up so you can make an informed decision. Once the project is completed, you pay the contractor through the app, and Upwork takes a finders fee.


Days tend to fly away when there are always minor distractions and minutia to deal with, like emails, edits of previously completed projects, pointless meetings, and long phone calls. Maybe you are wondering why it is taking so long to get started on a big project, even if you begin every day intending to move forward with the basic steps. Yet, after a few hours, it seems like nothing happened the way you intended it.

RescueTime is an app that lets you know exactly why time is escaping you because it tracks every single moment of your day. It will provide you with a detailed report breaking down how you spent each minute of your day. This is great for procrastinators and for anyone who is unsure why he or she isn’t getting things done.


It can be more difficult to get paid many times if you are selling services rather than goods, as many proprietors know first hand. If you are sick and tired of chasing down clients because they owe you payments, Freshbooks may be the perfect app for you. Not only does the app create, send, manage, and track invoices, it keeps on top of delinquent customers by sending reminders to those clients that need a bit of a nudge.

Another advantage to downloading Freshbooks is the fact that you can easily take credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo for quick payments. Any of these is better than waiting for checks in the mail in a post-COVID world. The app also provides you with business reports, such as profit and loss statements, and keeps on top of expenses with a top-of-the-line tracking feature. There are a free version and a premium version for a minor monthly fee.

If you are creating a brand new company, or if you are managing an existing business that can use a bit of help, consider these apps to allow you to get things done faster and more efficiently.