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New professionals can use these tips to build their skills.

Show up to work early

New professionals can get to work early and study the resources on their computers. They should remember the locations of specific files. Accessing information throughout the workday will then be easier. New workers should also become proficient at any software programs that their companies use. This is especially important if the workers do not have the software at home. Subscriptions for enterprise-level software can be expensive. Getting to work early also has other benefits. Managers will notice when someone is consistently the first one in the office. They will keep that person in mind when it is time to give raises and promotions.

Get professional licenses

People should not stop learning when they graduate from college. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree should be the starting point in a lifelong quest for knowledge. New professionals now have a plethora of licenses and certificates to choose from. Some of these licenses only require candidates to take exams. Other licenses require referral letters and significant work experience. New professionals should research what licenses are available in their industries. They should pay attention to eligibility requirements and application deadlines. People should create study plans for licenses that require an exam. How many hours a night are they going to study? Is studying on a weekday realistic? Will they be too tired from work? Is obtaining the license possible if they only study on the weekend? These are the questions people must think about when creating their study plans.

Go to events

Young professionals can learn new skills by going to events hosted by their companies. For example, software engineers should participate in hackathons where they can build desktop applications with teammates. They will be able to network with their colleagues. Experienced engineers can teach junior employees. They can give general career advice. They can also teach advanced engineering concepts. Junior employees can take these concepts home and do further research. Repetition is required to learn a new skill. Therefore, young professionals should review concepts multiple times until they remember.

By using these tips, new professionals will obtain the skills necessary to become valuable workers.